FREsnel for Solar Heat with New Receiver and Geometry

Solutions developed

Solar system able to supply moderate industrial heat. The system involves an efficient new Fresnel collector and special coatings, plus durability improvements.

Main results

The project developed a suitably efficient new linear Fresnel collector (LFC) system. Innovations consisted of an anti-reflective coating for the glass envelope other high-absorbance coatings an optimised collector design and various other process improvements. The resulting solar system achieved 60 % efficiency at 250 °C. Coatings achieved the desired transmittance, absorbance and emittance values of 96 %, 95 % and 7 %, respectively. The new LFC design achieved a concentration factor of more than 90, which limited heat losses. The mirror design proved safe, durable and efficient. Work involved designing, testing and implementing the system. A new type of manufacturing system utilised new procedures to reduce costs and improve mirror optical accuracy.