Forthcoming Research and Industry for European and National Development of Solar Heat for Industrial Process

Solutions developed

FRIENDSHIP proposes two systems, SHIP200 and SHIP300, all-in-one, flexible and user-friendly, able to provide reliable and quality heat and cold to industrial processes from -10°C down to -20°C (long-term -40°C) and respectively 180°C (long-term 230°C) with a maximum of economic profitability.

Main results

The boosting and stabilization of the operation temperature up to 200 or 300°C at the output of the solar loop, through the coupling / hybridization of a low-cost Parabolic Trough Collectors submitted with materials improvement and with an advanced high temperature heat pump or a Linear Fresnel Reflector solar plant. A combined high-density heat storage that will allow the storage of heat from the solar loop, its conversion into steam, and the storage of steam for process use, for a better process integrability. Thermal chillers to ensure the cold production from the residual heat. An advanced control management to enhance the quality and availability of the heat.