ENvelope meSh aNd digitAl framework for building Renovation

Solutions developed

The digital platform will comprise a set of digital tools supporting and accelerating all stages for a more efficient renovation process: automated data acquisition, LCA/LCC analysis and decision support, digital BIM model building and computer-assisted manufacturing (CAM), and a smart building management system (sBMS) for optimised operation and maintenance. All these tools are linked to a digital model, which increases in complexity and interaction potentialities as the project develops. At completion, the model becomes a Digital Twin of the renovated building allowing real-time monitorization, simulation and optimised operation of all building components. The ENSNARE solution will be validated through three pilot renovation projects covering Nordic, Continental and Mediterranean climates, and three virtual demonstration buildings aimed at upscaling the development of the solution.

Main results

ENSNARE’s main objective is to boost the implementation of renovation packages through (1) the digitalisation of the entire process by means of a digital platform and (2) the development of an industrialised envelope mesh enabling fast assembly and interconnection of passive and multifunctional building components.