ENRSYS (Integrated Thermal Energy Reduction, Recovery & Re-use in Autoclave based Composites Processing)

Solutions developed

The ENRSYS system represents a near to market solution. A level of industrial readiness has been built in from the outset so that the system is ready for direct implementation within a real operating environment for use during the next steps. Through introduction of this system the aim was to reduce initial energy use in the autoclave by at least 25% through reduction of the autoclave headspace and recover 50% of the energy wasted at the end of the autoclave processing stage for re-use in other energy intensive heating processes such as the post cure process.

Main results

Suitable PCMs and microencapsulations as well as fluid (slurry) containing microencapsulated PCMs were developed and incorporated into buildings envelope, floor, ceiling and wall system. In parallel an efficient thermal GS system based in new lower cost tube materials new conductive soil material with improved thermal properties. The slurries development is itself based on microencapsulated paraffin. The main development here was the development of slurry using a paraffin mixture with a melting range that fits very well to the requirement of a heat pump that can be used in reverse mode to cool a building by chilled ceilings and with a viscosity suitable for hydraulic circulation with traditional equipment and auxiliaries.