Enhancement of engineering skills of students of all levels for application of evidence based sustainable renewable energy solutions in the built environment

Solutions developed

Modules to be modernised or introduced as new have been selected in accordance with the labour market needs assessed at the initial stage of the project. The results of the survey have shown that: - solar technologies and heat pumps are the most required field of expertise; - control and automation, data analysis and predictive control and energy storage are the kind of expertise mostly needed for the future employees. Hence, teaching material has been improved and modernised and new modules taught to educate enginneering students with technical, professional and managerial abilities to promote the uptake of renewable energy technologies in buildings.

Main results

Modules at different levels in Engineering curricula have been identified and modernised (34 modules on Bachelor level, 22 modules on Master level and 4 modules at PhD level). Laboratory equipment have been purchased to support the teaching of modernised modules. Teaching of new and modernised modules is in place. Internships of students in industries are promoted and dissemination activities organised.