Deployment of novel GEOthermal systems, technologies and tools for energy efficient building retroFITting

Solutions developed

To make viable the novel EGS in energy efficient building retrofitting, a suite of tools and technologies is developed, including: low invasive risk assessment technologies, site-inspection and worksite building monitoring techniques (SHM), control systems for cost-effective and optimized EGS in operation phase and novel BIM-enabled dedicated tools for management of geothermal based retrofitting works (GEOBIM platform). Furthermore, the project is commited with the application of novel drilling techniques as the improved low invasive vertical drilling and trenchless technologies.

Main results

GEOFIT brings these technical developments within a new management framework based on Integrated Design and Delivery Solutions for the geothermal based retrofitting process.The IDDS driven process will materialise in the Geo-BIM enabled Retrofitting Management Platform (Geo-BIM tool). By using the 5 demonstration sites as open case studies in 4 countries and climates, featuring different representative technical scenarios/business models, GEOFIT will leverage its key exploitable results, adapted business models and market oriented dissemination for maximizing impact and wide adoption of these novel geothermal technologies and approaches.