Copenhagen Airport: a Lighthouse for the introduction of sustainable aviation solutions for the future

Solutions developed

The ALIGHT project will address the global need to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) and other air emissions in order to adapt to climate change and promote a sustainable future. It will do so through the development and demonstration of two sustainable solutions to be implemented in Copenhagen Airport (the Lighthouse airport), namely 1) the supply, implementation, integration and smart use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and 2) the development, integration and implementation of smart energy system (including renewable energy sources, energy storage and energy management).

Main results

On the SAF side, ALIGHT will tackle a current challenge, namely the smart, sustainable and cost effective handling of SAF in the operational context of a major airport. The project will address the SAF chain from procurement to integration and demonstration and ensure compliance with all relevant criteria, including sustainability. Within the area of smart energy, ALIGHT will address the full chain from system mapping, energy supply (including renewable energy, energy storage and geothermal energy), smart energy management to planning and demonstration in passenger transport, ground handling equipment and buildings (including heating, cooling and electricity). Field performance monitoring will be performed on aircraft exhaust-, vehicle- and air quality level. Sustainability and the reduction of GHG and other air emissions will be addressed throughout, and all components will be subject to relevant sustainability requirements. ALIGHT will bring forward the necessary solutions, knowledge, guidelines and best practice recommendations in comprehensivWith the Lighthouse project, CPH as Lighthouse with two fellow airports, will demonstrate energy-efficient, climate-friendly, fossil-free and smart solutions in preparation for upcoming massive investments in, among other things. infrastructure for biokerosene airplane fuel and electrification of vehicles and machines both in- and outside the airport.