Complex for long-term storage of excess solar and/or wind electrical energy

Solutions developed

Excess electricity generated by solar power plants during daylight hours is used to generate: - ice in the COOL ENERGY unit (developed and tested by us) from frosty air obtained from the atmosphere or using known cooling systems, such as AHP evaporators. The resulting ice is stored in ice storage and used at night/in summer in the cooling/air conditioning systems of buildings, - hot water (in winter) - using AHP, its accumulation in a heat accumulator and used at night in heating / hot water supply systems.

Main results

Possible additional functions of the complex: in winter, in frosty areas - heating of frosty air in front of ventilation and heating systems at AHP to a temperature of minus 5 ° С, transportation of ice 20-400000t in heat-insulated containers by land and water transport at any distance ($0.05/t/km), increasing the efficiency of solar panels by cooling them. Advantages. Compared to existing battery solutions, the complex provides long-term (up to a year) storage of excess solar electrical energy for cooling and air conditioning systems of buildings, a virtually unlimited number of charge-discharge cycles, durability, and safety of use at a low cost of storage (USD 0.05/kWh) and a comparable energy density (90 W x h/kg).