Compact bio-based thermal energy storage for buildings

Solutions developed

Thanks to an innovative concept, based on two different storage devices, a new kind of phase changing materials and a smart energy management, the project aims to promote the use of renewable energies thanks to a better coupling between the production and the consumption of energy, in the forms of heating, cooling and hot tap water.

Main results

ComBioTES thermal energy storage solution for buildings is based on a smart and switchable association of two compact thermal energy storages composed of: • A first compact latent thermal energy storage, using high performances bio-based PCM to store energy for space heating and hot tap water. • A second compact and switchable thermal energy storage, which is able to store hot tap water during winter for instant use or ice during summer for free cooling. • High performances bio-based Phase Change Materials (PCM). • Thermal Management system able to manage and control the energy flows (i.e. heat and electricity) of the compact thermal energy storage developed in order to meet a number of operational objectives simultaneously.