Clean and efficient microCHCP by micro turbine based hybrid systems

Solutions developed

Micro combined heat and power (micro-CHP) systems, also known as cogeneration systems, generate heat and electricity simultaneously. The EU-funded Fit4Micro project plans to develop a hybrid micro-CHP unit running on sustainable liquid biofuels. The envisaged technology will be designed for multi-family homes, especially for stand-alone (off-grid) applications.

Main results

The system will comprise a double shaft micro gas turbine and a humidification unit. This unique combination is expected to drive high electrical efficiencies (>40 %) and have a very flexible heat-to-power ratio. A flameless combustion system will reduce carbon emission levels. Furthermore, the Fit4Micro unit will be integrated with a compression heat pump, an adsorption system and a photovoltaic array that will work in parallel to produce electric and thermal energy.