Cheap and efficiant application of reliable ground source heat exchangers and pumps

Solutions developed

The project focuses on one hand on the development of more efficient and safe shallow geothermal systems and the reduction of the installation costs. This will be realized by improving drastically an existing, innovative vertical borehole installation technology of coaxial steel GSHE and by developing a helix type GSHE with a new, innovative installation methodology. These GSHE’s will be installed to a depth of 40 – 50 meters ensuring improved safety and faster permitting. On the other hand, the proposal will develop a decision support (DSS) and other design tools covering the geological aspects, feasibility and economic evaluations based on different plant set-up options, selection, design, installation, commissioning and operation of low enthalpy geothermal systems.

Main results

The project aims to o reduce the total cost of low enthalpy geothermal systems by 20-30 % by improving actual drilling/installation technologies and designs of Ground Source Heat Exchangers (GSHE’s). This will be combined with an holistic approach for optimum selection, design and implementation of complete systems across different underground and climate conditions. Also, the use of the novel heat pumps for higher temperatures developed within the project will reduce the costs in the market for retrofitting buildings, in particular for historical ones, where high temperature terminals are present.