Boosting new Approaches for flexibility Management By Optimizing process Off-gas and waste use

Solutions developed

BAMBOO aims at developing new technologies addressing energy and resource efficiency challenges in 4 intensive industries (steel, petrochemical, minerals and pulp and paper). BAMBOO will scale up promising technologies to be adapted, tested and validated under real production conditions focus on three main innovation pillars: waste heat recovery, electrical flexibility and waste streams valorisation. These technologies include industrial heat pumps, Organic Rankine Cycles, combustion monitoring and control devices, improved burners and the use of a production plant as a flexible energy consumer for the surplus electric energy from its region. These activities are supported by quantitative Life Cycle Assessments and by the development of specific tools which help to exploit the energy flexibility of the participant industries.

Main results

BAMBOO will: - Develop models and tools for flexibility management in short term energy markets. - Increase the use of process syngas and solid by-products as fuels by means of advanced combustion technologies. - Develop a high temperature heat pump to recover waste heat streams to produce low pressure steam. - Reduce net electricity imports from the grid by designing a novel Organic Rankine Cycle able to valorise multiple low-to-medium temperature waste streams. - Reduce energy costs and ease renewable energies integration through the development of simulations models for energy flexibility at plant level. - Ensure the exploitation of the flexibility potential of Resource Energy Intensive Industries through a capacity building program to train plants managers, employees and students. BAMBOO is demonstrated in 4 industries (steel, petrochemical, mineral and paper), which expect to reduce energy costs by 15-20%, improve process efficiency by 17-20% and cut CO2 emissions by 5-23%.