All Weather Snow machine driven by Renewable Energy Sources

Solutions developed

SnowRESolution is a clean-tech snowmaker, able to produce high quality snow also when traditional snowmakers (fans and cannons) cannot be operated. It works at temperatures above 0°, in all weather condition and without any chemical additives. The technology is based on the refrigeration cycle and exploits the triple point of water, a condition that occurs at 0°C and almost in vacuum (6mbar) at which the three phases of ice, liquid, and vapour are in equilibrium. Thermal energy for the compressor is provided by renewable energy sources, which may be either a solar thermal collector or a biomass steam boiler.

Main results

NeveXN has achieved the business and technical feasibility objectives defined in the Phase 1 proposal, by identifying the product development plan, defined the minimum viable product and the profiles of key stakeholders to be involved to launch the snow machine on the market. Furthermore the company has conducted a comprehensive analysis of the market segments; identified the competition, the entry barriers and proper counter actions, prepared the commercialisation plan and 5 years financial projection. During the Feasibility Study, NeveXN has interacted with all the stakeholders in the value chain, identifying and contacting the suppliers, and the contract manufacturer for the industrial production, and establishing agreement for the future commercialisation, talking with end-users to gain further insights on their requirement.