Affordable and Adaptable Public Buildings through Energy Efficient Retrofitting

Solutions developed

A2PBEER project has developed a systemic methodology for energy efficient oriented building retrofitting in Public District. The validity of the methodology and the developed kits has been demonstrated through their implementation and execution in three Public Districts, covering the main climatic areas in Europe (continental, oceanic and Mediterranean), different district types and different Public building uses. Additionally, the replicability of the A2PBEER results have been validated through three complementary virtual projects covering the three main climatic areas in Europe and 3 different Public building types as well as their transferability to Social housing.

Main results

The expected impacts were:
• 50% of buildings energy use cuts in comparison to pre-intervention consumption.
• 7 years payback periods
• Demonstration of NZEB retrofitting in public buildings prioritizing intervention in the poorest behaving buildings.
• Replicability of the methodology and solution KITS in different European climates and building uses
• Public sector leading and leavering the retrofitting market by the creation of a new generation of skilled professionals and SMEs in the construction sector.