Advanced materials and processes to improve performance and cost-efficiency of Shallow Geothermal systems and Underground Thermal Storage

Solutions developed

By a smart combination of different material solutions under the umbrella of sophisticated engineering, optimization, testing and on-site validation, GEOCOND will develop solutions to increase the thermal performance of the different subsystems configuring an SGES and UTES. An overall cost reduction of about 25% is the overall aim, leading to a substantial gain in competitiveness. GEOCOND, with a unique consortium of Companies and leading Reseach Institutions in the area of SGES and Materials, will focus on four key development areas in a synergeic and system-wide approach: development of new pipe materials, advanced grouting additives and concepts, advanced Phase Change Materials and system-wide simulation and optimization.

Main results

Improved thermomechanical ageing resistance and surface properties:
Geothermal pipes improved (at least 15%) thermomechanical ageing resistance and surface properties (external layer good adhesion to grout and internal low flow resistance).

HDPE pipes:
High thermal Conductive HDPE pipes and fitting elements.

New pipes configuration:
New pipes configuration based on the use of pipes with different thermal conductivities and diameters.

New additive for grouting:
New additive for grouting: Low cost structures based on chemical bondings of silica (quartz) and thermal conductive carbonous particles.

New additive for grouting:
New additive for grouting: Shape Stable Phase Change Materials (SS PCMs) with low tran-sition temperatures (30-35ºC) for heat storage at DHC

Tailor-made performance grouting:
Tailor-made performance grouting and thermal soil enhancement technologies (TSE).

Material Selection Support System:
Material Selection Support System within an engineering methodology to optimize efficiency and minimize costs.