Dave Pearson, Director of Star Renewable Energy, new Chair of the RHC ETIP

 Dave Pearson, Director of Star Renewable Energy, was elected as Chair of the European Technology and Innovation Platform on Renewable Heating and Cooling (RHC-ETIP) at its last Board meeting in February 2019.   RHC-ETIP, officially launched in 2010, today brings together 800 stakeholders representing all renewable energy technologies for   heating  and cooling from industry, research, and the public sector from all over Europe. The RHC-ETIP represents stakeholders from the   biomass, geothermal, solar thermal sectors, heat pumps, district heating and cooling, thermal storage and hybrid systems. It is therefore  a unique ETIP covering all the renewable heating and cooling technologies. The RHC-ETIP has been instrumental in raising the profile of the renewable heating and cooling sector by publishing a set of common documents, which have defined the sector’s strategic research directions, and projects’ ideas to be implemented to increase the share of renewable energy in the heating and cooling sector.
“I am delighted to accept the challenge of Chairing this unique group. The outcome of the next period of work will be a refreshed Research and Innovation Agenda so that the appropriate resources can be deployed not just in researching “blue sky thinking” but the very essence of innovation; “practical and commercial use” of proven techniques and how to maximise the uptake. If we have learned anything in the last few years it is that the pace of progress must be quickened. We have thirty years to completely decarbonise society and whilst much of the attention is centralised in electricity production and transport, Renewable Heating and Cooling is over 50% of the problem” said Dave Pearson.
The RHC-ETIP will identify opportunities to deliver a sustainable society with clean air, efficient use of resources, localised resource use, and local employment by creating an inter-connected energy system where heat helps deliver cooling and both help deliver additional space on energy grids for variable supplies of electricity. Dave Pearson will also continue his support to RHC-ETIP as representative of the Horizontal Working Groups on Districts and Chair of the Heat Pump Technology Panel. The RHC-ETIP accepts input from all sectors and any parties interested in contributing to any of the HWGs found here should contact info(at)rhc-platform.org