Launch of the call for elections of the Solar Thermal Panel

The RHC-ETIP platform has reached its 18th year of activities and it is time for new elections in the Technology Panels. The mandate of the previous ESTTP Steering Committee comes to an end and the new Steering Committee shall be chosen by April 2023. The new Steering Committee will have its first meeting in Q2 2023.

We are launching officially the first phase of the election process by calling for applications to become a Steering Committee Member.

The Steering Committee consists of 8 members from industry, 8 members from the research sector, and 3 members from policy and other institutions. We want to emphasize the crucial role of the industry sector and its active members in the Steering Committee, as their strong contribution is essential to our goals. Herewith, we ask all interested members to apply for membership.

The ground is prepared for effectively influencing the European energy and industrial policy, re-positioning renewable heating and cooling and solar thermal among the main priorities for research & innovation.

We are counting on the experts in solar heating and cooling in Europe to take up this challenge.

Deadline for applications: April 10th, 2023

In the second phase, the Steering Committee will be elected by all Solar Thermal Panel members, via an electronic process.

Voting period: from April 11th - 24th, 2023.

The role of the ESTTP Steering Committee

The Steering Committee of the Solar Thermal Panel (ESTTP-SC) has a critical role, as it will provide inputs to the work in the Horizontal Working Groups (HWGs), monitor the discussions and assess how the different results integrate solar thermal solutions. This means that the ESTTP-SC will be key to:
  • Contribute to the HWGs with expertise and updated information on state-of-the-art solar thermal solutions or news on R&I developments in the pipeline.
  • Assess the implications of the work within the HWGs for the R&I efforts in solar heating and cooling.
  • Identify specific needs of the solar thermal sector in terms of R&I, mainly in lower TRL (as these are not covered by HWGs, which are addressing TRLs closer to market solutions)
  • Update the Strategic Research Agenda for the upcoming years.
Furthermore, the Steering Committee will nominate, amongst its members, the Chairperson and one of the Vice-Chairs, who will be the two representatives of the panel in the RHC-ETIP Board. These representatives will already play a role next April in the decision regarding the RHC-ETIP structure and the Horizontal Working Groups.

Therefore, we want to encourage all members to actively contribute to the work of the Solar Thermal Panel and the RHC-ETIP Horizontal Working Groups in the coming years. For those more engaged, this can be as a member of the Steering Committee.

Relevant files and links related to the Steering Committee elections: