What’s EUp : new European heating and cooling legislation impacting local and regional authorities

06 December 2023 - 06 December 2023 Online

The event will provide an overview on the last updates regarding Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Directives on heating and cooling sector, and how this will impact local and regional authorities in the coming years. Participants will have the opportunity to exchange with speakers and audience on the topic.  

The workshop is part of a series of webinars of the Hub “Fossil-free districts & buildings”a community space led by Energy Cities, with the aim of ensuring our energy system’s stability through diversified local renewable energy sources, strong energy public services & improved energy efficiency & sufficiency. This hub has the willingness to coordinate efforts to improve financial, technical, and human capacities for cities; it represents a good opportunity to explore local and national legislation as well as public actions to trigger the energy system’s decarbonisation while putting in debate the questions of governance, energy public services, and ownerships. 

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