Heat Pump skills and competencies: Preparing for mass deployment

25 January 2023 - 25 January 2023 Online
The European Heat Pump Association has identified skills development and demands as being critical within the EU market if the target of more than 2 million heat pump (HP) installations per annum by 2024 is to be achieved. The HP market is predicted to double by 2023 across Europe. The majority of these installations will be designed for and installed in residential or non-residential buildings. While significant efforts have been placed on up-skilling within the construction sector there has been limited specific focus on the HPs market and its value chain specifically. Given that HPs will transition to becoming a critical component of low energy and near zero energy buildings into the future the need to ensure that skills and knowledge on the supply side (manufacturers, designers, installers, commissioners, SMEs) plus the needs on the demand side (building owners, facility managers, property developers) is vital. HP4All addresses this need by analysing the barriers across the HP value chain segments to accurately identify measures, actions and solutions to up-skill the value chain while also driving demand from end-users. Through the piloting of these approaches in countries with emerging HP markets, with support from technical and HP market expertise the lessons learned can be exploited and spread across Europe.

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