Better work in energy: a global survey of employees in the energy sector

The online survey of professionals in the energy sector (Summer 2023) is designed to provide valuable insights into company culture, gender biases and their impact on career decisions across traditional, renewable and energy transition sectors. With the demand for professionals in the energy industry expected to increase further, it is crucial to offer attractive working conditions to avoid skills shortages. The study focuses on assessing employee satisfaction to identify opportunities for improvement.

What sets the study apart is its comprehensive approach. Organisational culture and subtle gender bias, but also general workplace satisfaction as well as misconduct (such as bullying and discrimination) are examined, and how these factors influence turnover intentions. By considering these interrelated elements, the project hope to gain a holistic understanding of the challenges faced by professionals in the energy sector.

By participating in this survey -- and/or sharing it with others working in the industry -- you have the opportunity to help shape a more inclusive and rewarding work environment in the energy sector. The insights gathered will help identify specific areas for improvement and develop targeted interventions to improve gender balance, reduce bias, and address workplace misconduct.

The survey is available in 22 languages and can be accessed at

The survey is conducted in the context of the "Study on Gender Balance in the R&I Field to Improve the Role of Women in the Energy Transition", a one-year research project carried out by a consortium led by empirica. The project has received funding from the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA) under Contract CINEA/2021/OP/0012.