European Technology and Innovation Platform
RHC Renewable Heating & Cooling

"Preparing the future steps"

By Gerhard Stryi-Hipp
Chairman of the STTP Panel

Following the publication of the Solar Thermal Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) in December 2008, the Solar Thermal Technology Panel (STTP) of the RHC-Platform focused mainly on activities to establish the platform, to organize the 1st annual conference of the RHC-platform in Bilbao, to contribute to working groups of the cross cutting panel and to support the development of a common vision of the RHC-platform. Now, our objective is to encourage the solar thermal members of the RHC-platform to contribute to the work of the STTP.

In Novemberthe Steering Committee of the STTP will hold its next meeting and discuss the main priorities for the work of the STTP. One important topic is to resume the development of a Solar Thermal Technology Roadmap until 2020 that constitutes an important contribution to the RHC-Platform’s Common Implementation plan for the Renewable Heating and Cooling Sector.

Over the past two years, the STTP work was done mainly by the secretariat, the chairmen and the steering committee of the STTP. Now we want to give the STTP-members the opportunity to contribute again to the STTP work. We want to use its expertise as was the case during the phase  of the SRA development. This work may be done by different working groups or even require the organization of specific workshops, engaging the panel members, the industry and the research sectors in a fruitful cooperation.  Which working groups will be established will be decided  later.

The following topics will be important for the STTP panel in the coming months and years:

  • the development of a ST Technology Roadmap; 
  • an update of the Strategic Research Agenda;
  • the contribution to the cross cutting panel of the RHC-Platform with the focus groups thermal storages, district heating  and hybrid systems.

And last but not least,

  • the contribution to the work from the Smart Cities European Industrial Initiative (EII).

The Smart Cities EII is the part of the SET-Plan in which RHC could play a role. Therefore, the commission invited us to contribute to the development of this initiative. On 24 September there will be a workshop in Brussels about the Smart Cities EII where the next steps will be discussed.

The president and secretariat of the RHC-Platform will participate and will contribute to this discussion. Generally, the RHC– Platform board appreciated the opportunity to contribute to the Smart Cities EII and decided in July 2010 to contribute if there are enough resources available.

Within the STTP, the ST Technology Roadmap has to be developed soon. It shall focus on the implementation of the existing SRA, indicating the actions to be taken for the development of the framework conditions for technological advancement within the sector. Furthermore, specific reports shall be required on topics such as ST sector skills and training profile requirements and on the raw material and component needs.

At the meeting of the Steering Committee will also be discussed the renewal of the Panel, in particular of the Steering Group, and more immediate points related to the common work being done by the

We are looking forward to intensify the work of the STTP and seeing you in a working group or at the next RHC-Platform conference.