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Horizontal Working Group on Common Vision

The Horizontal Working Group on Common Vision has the mandate to draft the Common Vision of the RHC-Platform, a key document exploring the future of renewable energy technologies for heating and cooling in Europe.

The HWG on Common Vision is composed of seven Delegates appointed by the four Steering Committees of the respective Technology Panels.

 Burkhard Sanner          EGEC                           Coordinator of the HWG

 Gerhard Stryi-Hipp       Fraunhofer-ISE
 Werner Weiss              AEE INTEC
 Kari Mutka                   VAPO
 Ria Kalf                        Platform Bio-Energie
 Anna Land                   Svensk Fjärrvärme 
 Philippe Papillon          CEA-INES


Horizontal Working Group on Shared SRA

The Shared SRA is expected not only to clearly define the necessary short / medium / longterm research objectives for the RHC technology, but also to quantify and qualify the resources needed to achieve the objectives.

Minutes of the meetings and conference calls of the HWG on Shared SRA.

The HWG on Shared SRA is composed of the following members:

 Burkhard Sanner          EGEC                           Leader of the HWG

 Gerhard Stryi-Hipp       Fraunhofer-ISE
 Werner Weiss              AEE INTEC
 Pedro Dias                   ESTIF 
 Walter Haslinger          BIOENERGY 2020 GmbH
 Margarita de Gregorio  Bioplat
 Lara Mertens                AEBIOM 
 Attila Kujbus                 Geo express
 Philippe Dumas             EGEC 
 Nicolas Février              Euroheat & Power
 Wolfram Sparber          EURAC Research 
 Wim Van Helden           Renewable Heat B.V.
 Simone Landolina         EUREC


Horizontal Working Group on Policy Issues

The Policy HWG is an advisory body responsible for supporting the identification and prioritisation of policy issues, while proposing actions to address them proactively. The Policy HWG is also responsible for supporting the drafting of recommendations, strategies and positions papers.

The HWG on Common Vision is composed of the following members: 

 Marco Palazzetti           Palazzetti
 Edita Vagonyte             AEBIOM
 Harald Drück                 ITW
 Xavier Noyon                ESTIF
 Hermes Alvarez            Schlumberger Business Consulting
 Luca Angelino               EGEC
 Jamie Robinson             Scottish European Green Energy Centre
 Thomas Novak              EHPA
 Nicolas Février              Euroheat & Power
 Michael Bennett            EHI
 Eleanor Smith               EREC
 Greg Arrowsmith          EUREC Agency