European Technology and Innovation Platform

HWG 100% RE Industries


Proposed Chair of HWG

Christoph Brunner

AEE Intec (AT)

Proposed Vice-chair

Open for discussion

Members of the HWG (ideally at least one from each Technology Panel and other ETIP RHC members!

Ongoing call for experts


Name of the HWG

100% RE Industries

Proposed duration

From 12/2018 to 11/2020, expected duration: 24 months

Objectives / goals

Definition of a comprehensive roadmap for European industry to achieve the target of 100% RE heat and cold supply including timeframe, research topics and funding needs in order to foster the European industrial leadership Following questions and goals will be addressed:

·         Clustering the industry in regards of temperature ranges, linked heating and cooling demand, realization potential and timeframe

·         Developing of realization concepts for 100% RE for the defined industry clusters focusing on the interaction between energy supply systems and RE fuels and process requirements under exergetic considerations 

·         Defining the optimal interaction between energy efficiency measure and RE

·         Overview on process technologies (state of the art, innovative, emerging) which increases the application of EE and RE in industry

·         Evaluation of the technical and economic potential of the electrification of European industry and its role of the 100% RE approach linked to feasible EE and thermal RE potentials

·         Identification of energy supply technology gaps at low, medium and high temperatures

·         Definition of research needs in order to reach the goal of 100% RE in industry 

·         Identification of best practices examples of RES (and also in combination with EE) and setting up an online database

·         Identify main stakeholders in terms of energy transition in the industrial sector

·         Identification of existing barriers socio-economic, political and financing barriers

·         Identification of priority areas for demonstration of 100% RE Industry concepts

·         Evaluation of the integration of the 100% REE Industry with the other 100% RE concepts within RHC-ETIP.


Actions / description of methodology

         Identify task-leaders within the WG, that shall constitute with chair the coordination group for the WG

         Literature research on research papers and national policy papers

         Performance of two to three diploma thesis

         Stakeholder WS on European level with involvement of associations from industry sectors, technology providers and producing companies

         Involvements of policy makers and financing institutes

         2 to 3 physical meetings per year

         Regular web-meetings, of the WG or the different tasks 


Work package structure 

WP1 - Assessment of demand and supply 

         Clustering industry sectors in regards to energy demand, load profiles and temperature

         Clustering of RE energy technologies in regards to availability, volatility and temperature

         Assessment of concepts for 100% RE Industry (including EE)

WP2 –Identifying barriers and challenges and definition of potential

         Technology: State of the art and emerging technologies for energy supply and process technologies

         Economical and policy: Status quo of funding and financing 

         Potential: Evaluation of the potential for 100% RE in Industry categorized in sectors, technology combination and geographical areas

WP3 – Developing a Technology Roadmap for 100% RE Industry

The roadmap will include following main sections:

         technology needs

         research needs

         policy needs

         planning tools

         implementation of roadmap

         best practice examples

WP4- Project management and cooperation within RHC-ETIP and other stakeholders promoting 100% RE Industry


Timeline / Milestones 

Month 6: Report on define clusters and concepts for 100% RE in industry

Month 12: Report on state of the art of technologies, funding and financing concepts

Month 18: Report on potential in Europe

Month 24: Roadmap and implementation plan



D1: Report on state-of-the-art, in particular in the combination EE/RES in industry

D2: Report of best practice in energy transformation in industry with RES and setting up a online database

D3: Roadmap for realization 100% RE in European industry