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From 1st July 2014 please find all information about the activities of the Geothermal Panel on the EGEC website.

Geothermal Panel Meeting 23.09.2015

Horizon 2020, Ongoing research and development, Brokerage event

Geothermal Panel Meeting 06.03.2015

Geothermal TP activites, Horizon 2020, future activities of the panel

Geothermal TP Webinar 16.09.2016

On next calls under Horizon 2020

Seminar on EGS 09.12.14

A seminar in view of the next call under Horizon 2020

Geothermal Panel Webinar 12.06.14

A webinar on the H2020 programme will be held on 12.06.14.

More information can be found here.

Geothermal Panel meeting, 16.01.14

A workshop for the Geothermal Panel was held on the 16th January 2014 in Brussels, 10:00-17:00

On the Agenda

  • Overview of Horizon 2020
  • Presentation of the 2014-2015 work programme
  • Calls for proposals relating to Geothermal
  • A look at the work of the Geothermal Panel- past and future
  • Workshop on Induced seismicity
  • Business opportunities for shallow geothermal.

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For more information contact com(at)

Meeting of the Geothermal Panel, 23.04.13

The meeting was an opportunity to learn more about the developments in geothermal heating and cooling, and to discuss ways of introducing geothermal into juvenile markets.  The panel will also look at key technological barriers and the integration of geothermal technologies in to smart cities.

Information and presentations can be downloaded here.

Public Consultation on the future research needs for the Geothermal sector

The Geothermal panel of the Renewable Heating and Cooling platform has published the  first draft of the Geothermal Technology Roadmap, in order to implement the Strategic Research Priorities for our Geothermal Vision.

The public consultation was launched at the RHC conference in Dublin on Tuesday, and will remain open until the 31st May. This is your opportunity to make your mark on the future of geothermal! Download the draft by clicking here then email your contribution to com(at)

Creation of Working Group for the Implementation roadmap

It has been decided to create two working groups (one for shallow geothermal and one for deep geothermal) in order to draft the implementation roadmap of the Geothermal Strategic Research Priorities (SPR). 

The implementation roadmap aims at describing how we plan to achieve the targets (activities and projects) and our Vision and SRP.

Members of the Geothermal Technology Panel interested in joining these working groups, please contact com(at) 

Next meeting of the Geothermal Panel, 23.04.12

The next meeting of the Geothermal Panel will be held in Dublin on the 23.04.12. For more information, contact com(at)


Meeting of the Geothermal Panel, 04.09.2012

The last meeting of the Geothermal Technology panel took place in Brussels on September 4th 2012. This meeting provided an excellent opportunity to learn more about the last FP7 call published in July 2012. We also reviewed the results of different ongoing geothermal R&D projects in Europe.

Minutes and presentations are available in the "Members only" area of the website. 


6th Meeting of the Geothermal Panel, 01.03.2012

The 6th Meeting of the Geothermal Panel of the RHC-Platform will take place in Offenburg, Germany on the 1st of March 2012. This meeting will take place in the surroundings of the GeoTHERM Expo & Congress. Participants wishing to take part in the Geothermal Panel meeting will have to register for the Expo & Congress (details on pricing here), and as a gesture the RHC-Platform will provide a welcome lunch before the meeting.

You can find the agenda here

For more information contact com(at)


Presentations from the meetings of the Geothermal Panels, 02.09.2011

The presentations made at the 5th Meeting of the Geothermal Panel are available online here.


New Steering Committee of the Geothermal Panel Selected, 02.09.2011

At the 5th Meeting of the Geothermal Panel on September 2nd 2011, the new Steering Committee was selected. Javier Urchueguia was confirmed as Chairman, with Burkard Sanner and Ruggero Bertani elected to be Vice-Chairmen, and all will sit on the Board of the RHC-Platform, to represent the geothermal panel. An additional seven experts have been selected to round out the panel.

The Secretariat of the RHC-Platform screened and assessed the applicants against the pre-defined set of eligibility and award criteria, selecting 10 experts in total to serve in the Steering Committee.

The mandate of the new Steering Committee is two years, from the 1 September 2011 until the 31 August 2013.

Next meeting of the Geothermal Panels and Selection new Steering Committee 2011-2013

EGEC is organizing on Friday, the 2nd of September, in Brussels, the next meeting of the Geothermal Panels of the RHC Platform and TP Geoelec. Therefore, as the mandate of the current Steering Committee is coming to an end, we invite applications for the new Steering Committee 2011-2013. We would also like to sincerely thank all members of the current Steering Committee (2009-2011) for the dedication and contributions throughout their mandate.

Next meeting of the Geothermal Panels of the RHC Platform and TP Geoelec: ETP-RHC_GP meeting 5 reply form ; ETP-RHC_GP meeting 5 draft agenda

 Applications for the new Steering Committee 2011-2013: Criteria for selection – geothermal panel SC 2011-2013 ; ETP-RHC_GP_Application_Form Steering Committee 2011-13 ; RHC Platform_GP_New Steering Committee 2011-13- Announcement


Next Meetings of TP Geothermal in Brussels on 2nd September 2011
The next meetings of the Geothermal Technology Panels of the RHC-Platform, and the Technology Platform on Geothermal Electricity will take place in Brussels on 2nd September 2011. The meetings will focus on presentation of the finalised Strategic Research Agenda, and the next steps for both panels. 

Presentations of the Geothermal panel meetings online
All presentations made during the geothermal panel meeting and the NER300 geothermal Workshop on tuesday 14/09/2010 are now available here.

Next meetings of TP geothermal in Brussels on 14 september 2010
The European technology platform on geothermal h&c and electricity will meet on 14/09/2010 in Brussels. The shallow group will finalise the strategic research agenda of the sector and discuss training and certification issues. The deep geothermal group will meet in the morning to discuss the resource assessment and the new FP7 call, and in the afternoon a workshop on the NER 300 will be organised.

Presentations TPs geothermal workshops in Pisa available. Dates next meetings
The presentations of the RHC-Platform/geothermal panel (minutes, FG1, FG2, FG3) and of the TP Geoelec are now available. The next meetings for both TP will be in Brussels on 14 september 2010.

J Urchueguia elected new chairman of the Geothermal Panel!
J Urchueguia has been elected today new chairman of the geothermal panel within the RHC-platform, at the unanimity by the Steering Committee. He replaces F Boissier who left his position in March 2010. J Urchueguia from the University of Valencia and the company Energesis was before vice-chairman of the panel. T Koelbel from EnBW has been unanimously elected to replace him as vice-chairman. The other vice-chairman remains JP Gibaud from Schlumberger.

Consultation on the Draft Strategic Research Agenda for Geothermal Heat Pumps
The first draft for the part on GSHP of the Strategic Research Agenda has been released today. It has been drafted by Guus Van Gelder the Focus Group leader. A consultation period is now open until 26 May 2010. Please send your inputs to
The updated version of this document will be presented in Pisa on 10/06/2010.

Dates next TP GEOELEC and Geothermal panel RHC-platform meetings in Pisa (Italy)
The geothermal panel on heating and cooling will meet on 10th of June and the next meeting of the TP GeoElec is on 11 June 2010. A site visit to Tuscany geothermal power plants is planned on wed. 09/06/2010.

Discover the programme and register now for the 1st Annual Conference of the RHC-Platform, 23-24 février 2010, Bilbao (Spain)
We are pleased to send you attached the invitation to the First Annual Conference of the European technology on Renewable Heating and Cooling (RHC-Platform) as well as the preliminary programme. In Bilbao on 23-24 February 2010, the First Annual Conference of the European Technology Platform on Renewable Heating and Cooling ( will focus on the newly developed common vision for renewable heating and cooling in Europe. This two-day conference is the ideal platform to discuss the actions needed to unlock the vast Renewable Energy potential in the European heating and cooling sector.

Publication of Geothermal Heating and Cooling Vision 2020 – 2030
The Geothermal Panel of the European Technology Platform on Renewable Heating and Cooling (ETP-RHC) published its “Vision 2020 – 2030” end December 2009. Therefore, it foresees a steady decrease of the costs as well as an increase of the total heat and cold production going from 2,6 Mtoe (2007) to 10,5 Mtoe (2020) and even 60 Mtoe in 2030 in the case of an enhanced market. You can find the complete vision paper in download.


TP GEOELEC launched !
Today, EGEC organised the kick-off meeting of the Technology Platform on geothermal electricity (TP GEOELEC). More than 50 persons attended this event, from the research sector, geothermal companies (SMEs, Drillers, Turbine manufacturer...) and utilities (ENEL, ENBW, Vattenfall...). A Preparatory Committee has been nominated to finalize the structure and prepare a vision document. A cooperation is foressen with FG2-geothermal panel of the RHC-Platform.




Geothermal Technology Panel: Minutes of the 2nd meeting
The Geothermal Panel of the European Technology Platform on Renewable Heating and Cooling (RHC-Platform) met on 3 and 4 september 2009 in Brussels: minutes.  The three Focus Groups are now working on a vision 2030 and the list of R&D priorities for the geothermal heating & cooling sector. Final document will be presented end November 2009.


Creation of a Technology Platform for Geothermal Electricity
On 4 September, during the Annual General Meeting 2009, EGEC's members decided about the creation of a European technology platform for geothermal electrical power in order to establish a Long term Vision and to make a Research agenda for Conventional, Low temperature and EGS technologies. Launching meeting on 2 december 2009 in Munich.

Meeting of the Geothermal Panel
EGEC is glad to invite you to the 2nd meeting of the Geothermal Panel in the European Technology Platform on Renewable Heating and Cooling (RHC-Platform) on Thursday 3 September 2009 in Brussels (Renewable Energy House).


Geothermal Panel: Minutes of the Kick off meeting
The Geothermal Panel of the European Technology Platform on Renewable Heating and Cooling (RHC-Platform) had its kick-off meeting last week (26/06/2009) in Brussels. A Steering Committee has been designated for next two years from 01/07/2009 until 30/06/2011.

In the morning, 4 presentations were made to explain details of this geothermal panel.
The structure proposed for the Geothermal Technology Panel at the kick-off meeting was modified and finally accepted by all participants with three Focus Groups.

All members of the Geothermal Panels and all geothermal actors are now asked to register in the different working groups:
Focus Group 1 : shallow geothermal
Focus Group 2: deep geothermal
Focus Group 3: non technical issues
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you wish other information about this Geothermal Technology Panel and if you want to join it.
The next meeting takers place on 3 and 4 September 2009, in Brussels - REH.
Please confirm your attendance at


Geothermal panel invites Expressions of Interest in Steering Committee membership
The European Technology Platform Renewable Heating & Cooling - geothermal panel invites interested parties to submit an Expression of Interest to become member of the Panel’s Steering Committee.
Reminder: kick-off meeting will take place in Brussels (REH) on 26 June 2009.


official launch of the Geothermal Panel - European Technology Platform for renewable heating and cooling
EGEC (European Geothermal Energy Council) invites the European geothermal community to the Official Launch of the Geothermal Panel in the European Technology Platform on Renewable Heating and Cooling (RHC-Platform): Kick-off meeting on 26 June 2009 in Brussels (Renewable Energy House).


Creation of a European Technology Platform - call for participation
Following the publication of the geothermal research agenda, we have now to work on its implementation. One tool is the EU Technology platform. EGEC would like to know your interest in taking an active participation in this European Technology Platform. The participation is also open to non EGEC members.


Publication of the Geothermal Research Agenda 2008 > 2030
The European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC) prepared a list of priorities for Research and Development (R&D) in the geothermal sector. The paper was discussed during the workshop organized by EGEC the 05/09/2008 in Brussels. A list of main priorities has been selected and proposed in a first consultation document issued in October 2008. The conclusions are now presented in the final version of the Research Agenda, integrating the inputs received.