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Webinar: Heating & Cooling Research: Envisioning Tomorrow

28 Jun 2017 - 28 Jun 2017


Heating and cooling (H&C) in European buildings and industry account for half of the EU’s energy consumption. Yet the 84% of heating and cooling is still generated from fossil fuels while only 16% is generated from renewable energy. Numerous very innovative research projects across Europe are trying to envision and contribute to the energy future of the European Union.

Adapting the current energy scenario into a truly sustainable one will require unlocking the full potential of renewable energy sources to satisfy the H&C demand. Renewable heating and cooling (RHC) sources together with related technologies such as district heating and cooling, thermal energy storage, and hybrid systems, have the potential to supply 100% of Europe’s H&C demand. Although the awareness and efficiencies of heating and cooling is growing, there’s still a lack of strong R&D investments, which is a key aspect in order to successfully bring innovative technologies to de market and, as a consequence, raise the share of RES in H&C to the level needed to achieve the EU GHG goals.

The main objective of this webinar is, therefore, to present and debate the top research priorities and challenges currently faced by the H&C sector in Europe. Key stakeholders from the European Technology and Innovation Platform on Renewable Heating and Cooling (RHC ETIP) and the SDHp2m Project will present their views on a strategic research agenda for the sector and discuss the next steps for developing a strong RHC sector in the EU, always keeping in mind that today's problems are tomorrow’s solutions.



Date: 28 June
Time: 15.00 - 16.30 pm CET

Moderated by Alessandro Provaggi - DHC+ Technology Platform


  • Laure Deschaintre,  Solites
  • Wim van Helden, AEE Intec/RHC-ETIP
  • Cedric Paulus, CEA-INES
  • Rainer Janssen, WIP Renewable Energies/ RHC-ETIP


Registration to the webinar is free of charge, but mandatory. Please register here before June 26.