European Technology and Innovation Platform


RHC-Platform's workshop: building bridges between European and national / local Technology Platforms

05 Sep 2012 - 05 Sep 2012
Location: Brussels (BE)


European Technology Platforms have been important strategic partners to the European Commission for almost 10 years. In some EU countries, ETPs have fostered the creation and development of national initiatives reflecting at domestic level the activities of the ETP, with extensive benefits for the involved stakeholders.

The RHC-Platform organised a workshop dedicated to National Technology Platforms on Renewable Heating and Cooling on September 5th 2012 from 10.00 to 16.00 in the Renewable Energy House in Brussels.

The aim of this workshop was to build bridges among national technology platforms and with the RHC-Platform and to help in creating new national platforms.

This event supported information sharing and knowledge transfer between EU and national stakeholders, addressing challenges and advantages related to the creation of a technology platform as a permanent forum of dialogue between policy makers, industry and research sector. 

Here you can find  the agenda, the meeting minutes and the presentations below.

Opening -P.Dumas

RHC-Platform -S.Landolina

Update on EU Energy Policies -L.Angelino

Experience from Spain Gregorio

Experience from Hungary -A.Kujbus

Experience from Italy -R.Bertani

Experience from Austria -M.Monsberger

Building bridges between National Platforms -L.Mertens