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RHC-Platform Annual Event: 2030 Reason to Integrate RHC

22 May 2014 - 22 May 2014
Location: Brussels, Belgium

2030 Reason to Integrate Renewable Heating and Cooling: Innovation, Technology Development and Market Uptake

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Renewable heating and cooling (RHC) technologies can significantly contribute to the decreasing of fossil fuel imports into the European Union, improve energy efficiency, and reduce GHG emissions. They will be vital to the decarbonisation of the heat sector, which represents roughly half of the final energy demand in the EU. Tapping their full potential is needed to implement in a cost-efficient way the EU 2020 targets as well as the 2030 climate and energy framework currently under discussion. This will require, however, the development of reliable, efficient and affordable technologies.

In this framework, the RHC-Platform is organising a joint consultation and policy-event at the representative office of Baden-Württemberg (on 22nd May 2014). A key focus of the morning session will be the presentation of the RHC-Platform Common Technology Roadmap to a wide range of stakeholders for which we will be joined by Ms. Marie Donnelly, (Director for new and renewable sources of energy, energy efficiency and innovation at the European Commission’s DG Energy). In the afternoon, industry leaders and decision-makers will discuss the role of RHC in the transformation of the energy system with a particular focus on the implementation of the current legislation and the Commission’s proposal for a 2030 climate and policy framework.