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SPIUG's Report for market development of heating appliances in Poland

SPIUG ( Association of Heating Appliances Producers and Importers in Poland) has prepared the a report for market development of heating appliances in Poland in 2017 and first half of 2018.

Due to the specificity of the market of individual heating appliances, as well as the SPIUG area of operations, this report contains information about the development of the lower-power heating appliances market.

Besides, this report is based on SPIUG’s own analyses in the scope of the heating appliances themselves, and in the section concerning the surroundings of the installation and heating market.

Due to the process of collecting information about the market, the report 2017 refers to the situation and market data which also concern the first half of 2018, as a continuation and reference of the situation in the analogous period of the preceding year.

The report is available here