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Participate to the PWC survey!

PWC consulting is conducting a policy research for a European Commission project aiming to address the challenges related to:

  • high-tech skills development
  • digital transformation and
  • smart industrial specialization

PWC consulting has designed a survey aiming at stakeholders involved in these areas and associated skills development in the European Union.

Background of the project

This survey is part of a research project for the European Commission, launched in October 2017. It aims to address the opportunities and challenges related to high-tech skills relevant for smart industrial specialisation and digital transformation.

These challenges may refer to both the potential mismatch in type of skills possessed by current and future employees, and to a potential shortage of qualified professionals available to fill open positions. This project contributes to successfully shaping workforce transformation in the EU by developing a common vision surrounding high tech skills and professionals with cross cutting skills (e.g. entrepreneurship, teamwork and communication), and designing actions to foster them.

The survey

This survey is aimed at stakeholders involved in smart industrial specialisation, digital transformation, and associated skill development in the European Union. Its objective is to gain a better understanding of stakeholders’ perspectives on these topics and of the needs and challenges to make them a success. PWC is especially interested in skill development in the area of key enabling technologies. The survey will take approximately 30 minutes.

PWC consulting requests:

  1. To participate in the survey
  2. To help with the distribution of the survey, by forwarding this digital link to organisations that you consider relevant and interested in participating. Relevant organisations could include organisations in the private sector, public sector, academia, policy makers etc.

If you have any further questions, you can contact us at christian.le.clercq(at)