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Launch of revolutionary project on solar power to boost energy efficiency in industrial processes

Unveiling the untapped potential of solar heat for Agro-food industries in the EU

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The SHIP2FAIR project involves fifteen institutions working to minimize the dependence from fossil fuels in most representative processes of the agro-food industry.



Through the integration of solar heat, the project will optimize the global operation of these industrial processes, reducing energy consumption, while increasing their production.

Solar Heat Industrial Processes (SHIP) deployment is currently very low due to economic competitiveness, low prices of fossil fuels charged to industries, and also due to the complexity of their integration in existing industrial processes. SHIP2FAIR team has found the solution for SHIP progress thanks to competitive and environmentally friendly solar technologies, innovative business lines and a user-friendly approach.

The Spanish research centre, CIRCE, leads SHIP2FAIR team, with a perfect balance of main partners from the Agro-food sector and key partners in solar technologies: Bodegas Roda, RAR Açucar, Martini & Bacardi, ABC industries, and Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias de España are experts in the winery, sugar, spirits, ham cooking and the Spanish Agro-food fields respectively; while the rest of the consortium - BIOENERGY 2020+, CEA, EDF, EUREC, Industrial Solar, ISMB, Rina Consulting, S.O.L.I.D and TVP Solar - involve experts in solar technologies designing and manufacturing, consulting and, research and innovation.

From 2018 to 2022, SHIP2FAIR team will develop and fine-tune solar technologies in four real industrial sites of the Agro-food sector through the following tools and methods: the Replication Tool, the Control Tool, a Capacity Building Program and an Overall SHIP Guide.

The Replication Tool is a software to support the concept design of SHIP projects and the development of techno-economic feasibility studies. The Control Tool is an online Decision Support System to optimize the management of heating process. Additionally, via a Capacity Building Program, SHIP2FAIR will organise training campaigns for professional and master students interested in SHIP applications. And finally, an Overall SHIP Guide will integrate the use of SHIP2FAIR tools, results and tailored tips for supporting end-users during the design, commissioning and operation of their SHIP projects.

SHIP2FAIR’s Project Manager, Montserrat Lanero, stated: "SHIP2FAIR provides easily replicable higher temperature technologies and new business model solutions to strengthen competitiveness and growth of industries and to leverage solar thermal technology cost reduction, especially in Agro-Food Industry, where most of the companies are SMEs and where there is an untapped potential in renewable energy resources.”

The European Commission finances this project under Horizon 2020. If you would like more information about SHIP2FAIR, please consult the official SHIP2FAIR website OR contact us via info(at)

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