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Energy valorisation in terms of cold and electricity from solar bases concentrations

The University of Lorraine and CEA-Liten offer two processes

The University of Lorraine and CEA-Liten have collaborated together to develop and validate two processes from thermal reject or surrounding air in the same installation. You will find below some characteristics of the two processes:

1.    A process of mechanical energy-electricity with 30% yield between 278°K- 323°K. This process from Thermal reject from fossil energies can eliminate slim particles and toxic gaz.
2.    A process of cold production with a COP (1 - 0,7) and mechanical energy-electricity of 23-27% yield production, between 278-323°K.

Both processes have the same thesis origin from a chemical experimental reaction realized by Lorraine University, while CEA-Liten at Grenoble was in charge of the concept proof.

The industrialists’ procedure is the following approach: signing of a NDA, and; dispatch a process description with a circulation diagram for an industrialist examination.

For further information, please contact Marc Genissieux: marc.genissieux38(at)