European Technology and Innovation Platform

How to become member of the RHC-ETIP?

All European experts in the biomass, geothermal, solar thermal or heat pumps fields, as well as in any of the cross-cutting technologies falling within the scope of the Cross-Cutting Panel, are welcome to join the European Technology and Innovation Platform on Renewable Heating and Cooling (RHC-ETIP).

In order to become Member of the RHC-ETIP, interested stakeholders are asked to fill in the official application form available on this website and return it to the Secretariat. Membership to the ETIP starts on receipt of an official confirmatory email from the RHC-ETIP Secretariat.

Participation in the RHC-ETIP is free of charge and on a voluntary basis. However, by signing the application form, applicants declare their commitment to contribute to the achievement of this Platform's objectives.

Members of the RHC-ETIP enjoy the following benefits:

  • Stay regularly updated on the activities of the RHC-Platform.
  • Receive the official Newsletter of the RHC-Platform, covering the latest policy, business and technology developments from the Platfrom's Panels.
  • Have the possibility to actively influence the definition of the priority areas for EU policy and research for renewable heating and cooling systems.
  • Can participate in Focus Groups and Working Groups and may be elected on the Steering Committee of one of the four Technology Panels (Biomass, Geothermal, Solar Thermal and Cross-Cutting).
  • Are invited to attend the Annual Conference of the RHC-Platform, a European event bringing together industrial and research stakeholders in all renewable energy technologies for heating and cooling.
  • Have personalised access to the dedicated “Members area” of this website and can view full contact details of the other members in the "Members Directory".

To download the RHC-ETIP membership document, please click here.

Take active part in shaping Europe’s future strategic and research priorities for the renewable heating and cooling sector: become a Member of the RHC-ETIP!