Re­new­able Heat­ing & Cool­ing in In­te­grated Urban & In­dus­trial En­ergy Sys­tems

The In­ter­na­tional Sus­tain­able En­ergy Con­fer­ence - ISEC 2018, or­ga­nized by AEE INTEC and co-or­gan­ised by RHC ETIP, sees it­self as a pro­moter for in­no­v­a­tive ideas in the areas of re­new­able en­ergy sys­tems and re­source ef­fi­ciency, and is in­tended to be a forum for re­search, in­dus­try and en­ergy pol­icy.


Program Overview

RHC-ETIP members have the possibility to organise four parallel sessions as follows:


RHC-ETIP Call for abstracts - How to submit your abstract

This call for abstracts is independent of the call for abstracts launched by AEE INTEC.
The RHC-ETIP call for abstracts is only for RHC-ETIP members. You can submit your abstract as follows:





To participate in ISEC 2018, whether you answer to the call for abstracts or not, you need to register here by 30 June 2018.

For further information: