European Technology and Innovation Platform

2012 Conference on Renewable Heating and Cooling

Euroheat & Power and the RHC-Platform successfully concluded their joint annual conference in Copenhagen, Denmark (26-27 April 2012). Around 300 participants from 28 countries gathered to share experiences and best practices with renewable heating and cooling technologies at building, district and city level. They all agreed that the conference, organised under the auspices of the Danish Presidency of the European Union and with support of the European Commission, exceeded expectations and demonstrated the importance of sustainable heating and cooling solutions on the road to a carbon-free energy landscape in 2050.

The two-day conference highlighted a large spectrum of topics related to renewable heating and cooling solutions. Participants in the event had the opportunity to visit some of the numerous initiatives in Denmark integrating renewable sources and district energy:  “Project Zero” in Sonderborg, the Amager geothermal plant, the new Copenhagen District Cooling project and the Green Lighthouse in Copenhagen. 

The complete conference programme, all presentations as well as the interviews are available in the relevant sections of this website.  

Download here the press release in PDF format (30 April 2012).