European Technology and Innovation Platform


Renewable Heating and Cooling at urban level: Smart Cities (9.00-10.10)

Moderation: Xavier Noyon, ESTIF / Secretariat RHC-Platform
• Smart Cities and Communities. Christof Schoser, European Commission, DG ENERGY
• Smart Cities: From planning to implementation. Brigitte Bach, Austrian Institute of Technology

Cross-Cutting Sessions (10.10-13.10)

District Heating and Cooling
Moderation: Anna Land, Svensk Fjärrvärme
• Strategic and Research priorities for district heating and cooling. Birgitta Resvik, Fortum , (AT), Unit ENER C2
• Recent example of RES integration in district heating and cooling. Adolf Punz, Energie AG Oberösterreich Wärme GmbH

Thermal Energy Storage
Moderation and introduction: Wim van Helden, Renewable Heat
• Strategic and Research priorities for high temperature applications. Rainer Tamme, DLR - Institute of Technical Thermodynamics
• Strategic and Research priorities for low temperature applications. Wim van Helden, Renewable Heat
• Strategic and Research priorities for thermal energy storage in cooling applications. Peter Schossig, Fraunhofer ISE
• Non-Technological priorities: Higher education and vocational training. Luisa Cabeza, University of Lleida

Renewable Energy Hybrid Systems and Heat Pumps
Moderation: Thomas Nowak, EHPA
• Towards 100% renewable energy in large scale hybrid systems: lessons from the project SUNSTORE 4. Leo Holm, Marstal Fjernvarme
• Research priorities for small scale hybrid systems. Wolfram Sparber, EURAC research

Closing session (13.10-13.30)
Moderation: Simone Landolina, EUREC Agency / Secretariat RHC-Platform
Renewable heating and cooling: integrating the supporting measures. Béla Glattfelder, Member of the European Parliament
• Investment perspectives for renewable energy in Hungary. György Kerekes, Hungarian Inverstment and Trade Agency
• Closing remarks. Gerhard Stryi-Hipp, Fraunhoher ISE / President RHC-Platform

Lunch (13.30-14.30)